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Delivering the Gospel: Cistern Transitional Care Center

Transitional Care Center will target -:

  • The juvenile under rehabilitation 
  • Those who have been released from the prison
  • Those who need psychological counseling after releaseFormerly incarcerated persons.
  • The youth and form four leavers who fails to join university due to finance

Main goals for the Transitional Center:-

  • Exit strategy for released persons,
  • Reentry focuses to the community to eliminate stigmatization towards those released from prisons.
  • Establishment of Transitional center for empowerment and connecting the released to the right agencies, hence reducing the rate of crime and curbing recidivism.
  • Mitigating the socio-economic impact of the crimes in Kenya by providing hope to the prisoners upon release and their reconciliation with their families and community. 
  • Vocational training for economic empowermentPsychological support and counseling

We believe - with your support - this will continue for God's glory.

You can also help!

Cistern Transitional Care Center

You can also help!

Cistern Ministry offers opportunity for volunteers to be a part of this life-changing ministry by taking part in evangelistic events inside prisons around the country. For more information on how to participate and to contribute financially to Cistern Children outreach program, contact us by clicking here.