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Welcome Home!

Kenyan prisons are ranked among the worst penal institutions in the world. Thousands of people are imprisoned in Kenya each year. We have a total of 103 prisons overcrowded with around 50,000 inmates. Every year, 10,000 prisoners are released back into our communities. Though many have good intentions to “stay out,” 75% will will return into crime and 50% will return to prison within three years.

Cistern Prison Ministry have realized that prison time may punish but it does not rehabilitate. Every year Cistern sponsor 20 inmates for a re-entry program.

The first step to a success reentry into the society is the Christian Education during the imprisonment time. Inmates begin the program 6 to 12 months before their release date and continue for an additional 6 months once they have returned to the community. The re-entry program stresses on personal responsibility, the value of education and hard work, and care of persons and property.

We provide transport for the inmates and together with the prison chaplainancy department and the welfare officer facilitate the reconciliation and forgiveness process between the released prisoner and his family and the community.

Will you invest in this crime stopping program?

There are many ways to get involved with Cistern Prison Ministry through volunteer service or financial support.

With your involvement, many more prisoners will be able to leave prison prepared to contribute positively to their communities.