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Remember those in Prison

Reaching God's People in Prison; A Ministry Worth Investing In .....

Cistern Prison Ministry is a nonprofit organization founded in 1998 by Rev Jefferson Gathu and Samuel Kahura to give prisoners the opportunity to experience the radically transforming power of Christ.

Cistern Prison Ministry’s mission is to fulfill the command in Hebrews 13:3 which urge us to “Remember those in Prison.” We seek to provide hope to the prisoners and their reconciliation with God, family, and community, through the transforming power and truth of Jesus Christ.

We believe God uses the written Word to transform lives.

There is hope for those in prison if they will believe in God and let His Word transform their lives. So many imprisoned people are hungry for the truth of God’s Word and the love for God’s people. With the help of volunteer instructors, who helps the inmates study the Bible during their time in prison, the number of released inmates who return back to the life of crime will drop dramatically.

Cistern Prison Ministry disciple inmates by providing long-term, in-depth discipleship courses through distance education in collaboration with Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI) [www.cpministries.org] and other partners. Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI) is a center for Advanced studies based in Michigan, USA., with a goal of reaching prisoners with the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide. It is with such a wonderful privileged and experience to partner with CBI, a ministry with the same goal of bringing God’s agenda to the world through reaching God's people in prisons.

Why Biblical Courses to the Inmates will be Important
More often imprisoned people have heavy burdens of loneliness, guilt, bitterness, depression or confusion. We want inmates to know that they are capable, appreciated and doing a good job by studying the Word of God. We encourage them to know they are special and they are brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is a personal devotion to encourage the student to have a life and a pattern of prayer and reading the Bible.

We are confident that with your help and commitment, the Word of God will reach our brothers and sisters in prison. The Word of God will penetrate into their hearts and transform them. The rate of crime will reduce and Kenya will be peaceful!

To learn How CBI Program works go to [www.cpministries.org/] or Click to look over the Crossroad Curriculum or to enroll in CBI's program.

For more information please contact us directly. You may also check out our sister organization Cistern Materials Center.

Please follow this link to listen to an interview one of our founders Rev Jefferson Gathu recently did with moody Radio.